Birth Defects

Page No. Source Quotes from Decision Documents
294 2 Agency App. B “1080 can..cause developmental effects in laboratory rodents”
306 5 Agency App. B “The data for developmental studies (teratology) are relatively sparse. Detailed studies carried out in recent decades in accordance with appropriate test guidelines have only been carried out on rats. Studies in other species commonly used in regulatory decision-making, particularly rabbits are not available. Further studies..are desirable, as species variability in..developmental toxicity is well recognised”
307 1 Agency App. B “Eason et al. (1999) cites the results [of a rat birth defect study] in summarised form. The only reference MPI Research/Landcare Research 1998. The Agency does not have a copy of the study report and assumes it is unpublished..this is the definite study for this endpoint [the teratogenic classification]”
307 2 Agency App. B “[1080] Treatment-related skeletal abnormalities were observed at 0.33 and 0.75 mg/kg bw/day. Abnormal development of the forelimb[s]..were..classed as irreversible..Bent ribs [and] unossified sternebrae were also observed”
308 1 Agency App. B “The Agency found the article [by MPI/Landcare on a birth defect study] there seemed to be inconsistency..since the Agency did not have access to the full research report, this could not be clarified”
308 2 Agency App. B “Since the developmental effects in offspring are seen at dose levels which are not associated with toxic effects..this makes the findings of greater toxological significance”
334 1 Agency App. B “the only species in which [developmental effects of 1080] have been identified is the for other species would give some indication of..the degree of variation in sensitivity between species”
350 7 Agency App. C “The accuracy of results from other laboratories may be similarly uncertain, with details of sample collection and storage similarly absent from the published literature”
400 1 Agency App. C “The Agency only had access to the results of the studies [detailed studies on birds] as presented in the open literature, and not to the full reports”
427 2 Agency App. C “1-2 [days after treatment] no mature eggs..misshapen and collapsed oocytes…yolk deficient [wasps dosed with 0.025-0.063 mg/kg bw 1080]”
436 2 Agency App. C: Fisk “The papers [provided by ERMA to review are] believed to have been developed following extensive literature searching by ERMA, and therefore no additional searching was carried out”
530 1 Agency App. F “impacts of deer may not be reversible [e.g.] where palatable species remain highly browsed even at low deer densities; occupation of niches by unpalatable species; local extinction of seed sources; alteration of succession pathways; shifts in ecosystem processes” (this would also apply to possums)
721 1 Agency App. N “Evaluation of literature on the effects of [1080] usage [is] complicated due to the variable reporting of the 1080 formulation used”
4 1 Applicants’ references “[1080 at sublethal doses inhibited reproduction in male and female fleas of 2 species and also had] some effect on adults developing from larvae that had eaten the faeces of fleas that contained poisoned blood” (Alekseev et al, 1971)
42 1 Applicants’ references “600 micrograms given introperitoneally on the 9th day, causes eye anomalies, syndactylia and evisceration [in rat embryos]” (De Meyer & De Plaen, 1964)
216 1 Applicants’ references “Key areas of concern revealed in the literature include evidence 1080 could have endocrine disrupting capabilities and that it is relatively slow to break down [at low temperatures]. These 2 issues are yet to be fully resolved and represent significant gaps in current knowledge.” (Weaver, 2003)
92 1 Committee Decision “[The Committee is imposing a control requiring information about each aerial operation]..the information must include..details of pre- and post-operation monitoring of fauna..details of post operation monitoring of water quality”
121 1 Committee Decision “If [scientific and technical] uncertainty cannot be resolved, Clause 30 requires the Authority to take into account the need for caution in managing the adverse effects of the substances”

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