Unexpected Chemical Behaviour

Page No. Source Quotes from Decision Documents
312 3 Agency App. B “the low dose males (0.025 mg [1080] /kg  bw/day) had slightly raised mean testes weights..presumably as a result of random statistical variation”
317 5 Agency App. B “This suggestion would support the finding..that sheep were more sensitive than expected to repeated sub-lethal doses of 1080”
323 1 Agency App. B “An unexpected finding was that the serum of control rats contained..fluorocitrate [possibly from]..cross contamination”
328 2 Agency App. B “Only a relatively small proportion of an administered dose of 1080 is converted to fluorocitrate. This..is a relatively unexpected finding”
357 1 Agency App. C “Results obtained from the two repeats of the test were inconsistent, with time to loss of half of the 1080 from water [5 μg/L with aquatic plants] varying markedly..[from 17.9 hours  in one test to 65.6 hours in the other]
357 4 Agency App. C “the concentration of 1080 in water [5  μg/L with aquatic plants] remained relatively constant for the first 6 hours”
371 1 Agency App. C “concentrations [of 1080 in rabbit carcasses]..were highly variable..the apparent increase in concentration from that at the time of death..may be due to..dehydration”
377 2 Agency App. C “The authors did conclude that most 1080 is leached from carrot bait after 200 mm natural rainfall..and noted that this was not consistent with the findings of Bowen..where there was no decrease in 1080 after 200 mm rain”
384 5 Agency App. C “there were significant issues with the analysis of the test concentrations in the soil..in the test with garden snails..attributed to degradation of 1080 in the samples in storage”
416 4 Agency App. C “Weight gains in frogs exposed to treated flies [were] positive, but nil or slightly negative in the controls”
426 1 Agency App. C “[mustard beetle larvae LD 50] newly hatched larvae 100% mortality at 0.05%; none in other treatments [including 0.1% 1080]”
444 2 Agency App. C: Fisk “there was a marked lag phase, probably indicating the induction of a population of 1080 utilising micro-organisms…at 7°C [the DT 50] was ca. 10 days [in stream water dosed with 0.12mg/L 1080]”
444 3 Agency App. C: Fisk “Deionised control..there was a significant loss of 1080 in the control tank”
453 1 Agency App. C: Fisk “One trial gave faster rates of elimination..and was ignored”
12 2 Applicants’ references “A number of wild birds and some domestic animals were accidentally killed during the tests [of 1080 as a rat poison] despite stringent precautions taken in laying the bait and warning occupiers..it is concluded that..[1080] does not produce..consistent results; 1080 is too dangerous for general use” (Barnett & Spencer, 1949)
99 1 Applicants’ references “We were certainly surprised to find that fingerling bream and bass would survive in 370 ppm for an indefinite period” (King & Penfound, 1946)
130 2 Applicants’ references “Mortality [in mice] after 5 mg Fac/kg rose from 3% (at 23 degrees C) to 47% (at 17 degrees C) while LD 50/3 days fell on exposure to cold from 12.1 mg/kg to 5.16 mg/kg” (Misustova et al., 1969)
154 2 Applicants’ references “we report on the adsorption of 1080 by soil samples with large amounts of hydrous oxides” (Parfitt et al., 1995)
16 1 Submitter 9143 “Hilton et al (1969) state ‘the high degree of adsorption of monofluoroacetate to leaf and root tissue, as well as to other cellulosics such as filter paper, was entirely unexpected’.” (Meads report, indicates water sample analysis using filter paper may remove 1080)