Page No. Source Quotes from Decision Documents
2 1 Nga Kaihautu Tikanga Taiao “James Ataria & Shaun Ogilvie..were assigned to write this report [Nga Kaihautu report on the Application]” (also worked for Landcare, and Ataria wrote the ‘Independent assessment’ of Hui consultation to Nga Kaihautu)
2 5 Nga Kaihautu Tikanga Taiao “many considered the hui to be about dissemination of information rather than true consultation – the latter being regarded as a requirement of the applicants under the Treaty]”
2 2 Nga Kaihautu Tikanga Taiao “the process of using the [DoC’s regional managers of Maori] is endorsed”
3 4 Nga Kaihautu Tikanga Taiao “Nga Kaihautu considers there were significant shortcomings in the consultation process”
2 3 Nga Kaihautu Tikanga Taiao “many consultees [at Hui] found the information difficult to comprehend”
3 1 Nga Kaihautu Tikanga Taiao “Nga Kaihautu could find little evidence..that an appropriate process and sufficient time was used during the consultation hui to discuss outcomes of significance to Maori, and options for mitigating potential adverse effects. This is supported by a lack of information in the Application relating to these outcome areas. Nga Kaihautu believes that this was a significant lost opportunity to provide this information to the ERMA decision making committee who has a legal duty to incorporate this information into Part V decision making”
3 2 Nga Kaihautu Tikanga Taiao “the ERMA Committee has a legal duty to incorporate this information [from consultation] into decision making”
3 3 Nga Kaihautu Tikanga Taiao “[Nga Kaihautu] are concerned that the information provided in the Tuputupuwhenua report is insufficient for 2 reasons. Firstly Tuputupuwhenua did not attend any of the consultation Hui, instead relying solely on the minutes. Secondly only the minutes of 9 of the 20 consultation Hui were provided to Tuputupuwhenua”
3 5 Nga Kaihautu Tikanga Taiao “Toxins in the environment were often seen as unacceptable and contrary to the principles of Tikanga Maori”
2 4 Nga Kaihautu Tikanga Taiao “there were..a number of..statements expressing concern that the information [presented in the discussion document and at hui]..was biased”
4 1 Nga Kaihautu Tikanga Taiao “Inadequacies in the pre-application consultation approach and Maori dissatisfaction with the consultative process”
2 6 Nga Kaihautu Tikanga Taiao “genuine consultation involves ‘the statement of a proposal not yet finally decided upon, listening to what others have to say..’
10 Landcare: Ataria “Copies of the official minutes taken at the 5 consultation hui were requested….However only minutes from [3] hui were available”
13 Landcare: Ataria ..the Applicants should have employed forms of [advertising] media that are more readily accessible…e.g. local newspapers and radio stations”
17 Landcare: Ataria “…protecting the forests’ biodiversity with a poison was contradictory to fundamental Maori beliefs”
18 Landcare: Ataria “participants regarded the ERMA process as flawed because [the Maori Advisory Board is] only able to make recommendations to ERMA, and not decisions”
19 Landcare: Ataria “almost all [hui] participants opposed or had serious reservations about this [aerial] method of application”
20 Landcare: Ataria “ dedicated recorder [to attend all hui would have ensured] independence.., consistency in reporting, and allowed the tangata whenua recorders.. to participate fully”
0 Landcare: Ataria “Consultation Hui – An Independent Assessment… J. Ataria, Landcare Research” (Contract report on consultation hui to Maori Advisory Group Nga Kaihautu Tikanga Taiao)
21 Landcare: Ataria “the Applicant did not consider contracting an independent consultant… as suggested in the ERMA document… Consultation Guidelines”
5 Landcare: Ataria “some participants….remain adamant that further contact and more information are required before iwi [can] make informed submissions abut 1080”
11 Landcare: Ataria “Some considered that the process of written submission is not an appropriate mechanism to capture the views of all Maori”
21 Landcare: Ataria “bias [at the hui] did come across mainly through accentuation of the positives of 1080”
21 Landcare: Ataria “there was inadequate time allocated in the presentation to explore these issues [impacts of 1080 on Maori culture, health and wellbeing, Treaty, environmental outcomes]”
5 Landcare: Ataria “The impact and environmental fate of still a primary concern for Maori”
5 Landcare: Ataria “Most Maori participants felt uncomfortable with the use of poisons in the environment”
17 Landcare: Ataria “the reality that they required more information and time to make an informed statement”
15 Landcare: Ataria “some hui participants had not received a document of the discussion document prior to the hui”
15 Landcare: Ataria “Many felt that..”face to face” [transfer of technical and operational information is best, and the applicants] were also obliged to fulfil this task”
4 Landcare: Ataria “attendance at the five hui was low….. if the hui were held in the evenings or the weekends more people would have attended”
4 Landcare: Ataria “Some participants viewed the hui ….as an information dissemination exercise and not true consultation”
5 Landcare: Ataria “The applicant’s presentation did not always provide an objective review of current information regarding 1080”
5 Landcare: Ataria “…there was no evidence of recordings being taken as an accurate record of the participants’ comments”
6 Landcare: Ataria “Human capacity and financial resourcing constraints that are limiting effective Maori participation in this assessment process”
5 Landcare: Ataria “There were marked differences in the way Kaupaoa Atawhai managers [DoC employees] organised and facilitated the hui…that could have influenced outcomes”
11 Landcare: Ataria “..meetings over a longer time frame would be required to get a representative cross-section of opinions from “the people of the land”
12 Landcare: Ataria [Graph of very low attendance at Hui- eg at Thames, 2 Maori and 8 DoC/AHB/others]
20 Landcare: Ataria “Tuputupuwhenua Consultants, the company [engaged to analyse] Maori submissions, were not present at any of the hui..therefore the..minutes..are the only ‘official’ record..However..minutes received from 2 hui represent a summary..not a written transcript”
878 1 Agency App. T: Submissions “[Tautuku Block X Section 3C Trust] not invited by DoC to Dunedin Hui; DoC has Treaty obligation to consult Maori Landowners (not just Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu)”
878 2 Agency App. T: Submissions “Allow our organisation the right to exercise Kaitiakitanga e Tino exempting our rohe (area) from continued 1080 operations”
92 1 Committee Decision “[The Committee is imposing a control requiring information about each aerial operation]..the information must include..details of pre- and post-operation monitoring of fauna..details of post operation monitoring of water quality”
128 3 Committee Decision “The risk [to Maori values and health] not subject to uncontrollable spread”
44 1 Committee Decision “The Committee received evidence at the hearings that possums..had created an ‘imbalance’ which placed our unique biodiversity at risk”
73 4 Committee Decision [several Maori submitters] expressed concern that the aerial application of toxins on Papatuanuku (the primordial mother) compromised her ability to maintain the physical and spiritual value and integrity of flora, fauna and other taonga”
115 2 Committee Decision “The Committee recognises DoC’s high standard of consultative requirement with iwi/Maori for 1080 operations”
115 1 Committee Decision “it is more difficult to make specific recommendation about public consultation at the strategic level since this planning may not necessarily include determining the method of control to be used”
75 1 Committee Decision “the Committee came to the view that Doc’s policy regarding consultation with Maori/iwi sets a high standard”
73 3 Committee Decision “the concerns raised by iwi/Maori about the negative effects of..1080 relate largely to its aerial application”
31 1 Committee Decision “The Committee believes the measures now taken by the Crown, including the continued, managed use of 1080, go some way towards providing active protection of Taonga”
27 1 Committee Decision “when reviewing the issues…the Committee has focused on the…. [Treaty] principles of partnership, participation and protection”
187 1 Decision App. A “Additional Control 9: Unauthorised persons to stay clear of application area of enforcement officer may order a immediately leave the area”