Page No. Source Quotes from Decision Documents
487 2 Agency App. F “Rates [of ship rat tracks] increased with use of cyanide/cholecalciferol”
762 1 Agency App. O “The applicant estimates areas of land that would not be treated under a cyanide/trapping scenario..but there is too little justification in the application for the Agency to evaluate this analysis”
762 2 Agency App. O “hand-laid [cyanide] baits that are not taken should be destroyed by forcing the bait into the ground”
763 1 Agency App. O “No data from monitoring of environmental concentrations [of cyanide in water] has been identified”
764 1 Agency App. O “rodent interference with bait bags can lead to a large proportion of [cyanide] baits being spilled onto soil. In one field trial..450 bait bags were removed from trees..although only 97 dead possums were found”
764 2 Agency App. O “Soil is very likely to be contaminated with cyanide during cyanide operations..The Agency is unaware of any data on toxicity of cyanide to soil macro invertebrates”
765 1 Agency App. O “The Agency is unaware of any quantitative information on direct access [of non-target organisms to cyanide baits] would seem very likely that non-target animals would be exposed to pastes and spilled pellets”
765 2 Agency App. O “DoC’s procedures on land where flightless ground birds occur were altered in 2005 to ensure that bait stations/bags are raised at least 70 cm above the ground”
766 1 Agency App. O “information..[indicates] weka and kiwi deaths resulting from cyanide usage a result, DoC stipulates that cyanide baits must be raised above 70 cm in known weka and kiwi areas managed [by DoC]..Spurr..does not state how successful this has been..tomtit, robin, silvereye and tui deaths have also been reported after the use of hand-laid cyanide”
767 1 Agency App. O “Merhtens & Gaze (2003)..drew attention to the uncoordinated reporting [regarding cyanide]..and to try to get a better picture of weka deaths [studied] 21 weka fitted with transmitters..2 birds died before the operation began..3 birds died close to the bait lines and  a further 4 untagged weka were found dead”
768 1 Agency App. O “The Agency concludes that in the absence of such data the risks of cyanide to other bird species [than weka] are unknown”
769 1 Agency App. O “Morriss et al (2003) fed possums Feratox pellets embedded in peanut butter-based FeraFeed..Six [possums] had a Feratox pellet placed down their throats..The Agency has no information on how frequently possums consume Feratox tablets whole”
770 1 Agency App. O “The Agency considers that the data on exposure and population monitoring during Feratox operations are insufficient to draw conclusions for anything other than weka..The impact on weka populations is sufficiently major that DoC have banned the use of Feratox where weka are present”
775 1 Agency App. O “complete eradication [of pests with cyanide/trapping] is possible, as on Kapiti Island”
776 2 Agency App. O “[costs per hectare of control]..aerial 1080 $24..traps & cyanide $18..traps only $19”
778 1 Agency App. O (costs and time were reduced, and kill rates increased, when ground control (cyanide and traps) was supplemented with dogs)

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