Page No. Source Quotes from Decision Documents
323 1 Agency App. B “An unexpected finding was that the serum of control rats contained..fluorocitrate [possibly from]..cross contamination”
415 5 Agency App. C “Control solutions..had a measured concentration of 0.2 mg/kg..residues were..measured in the control frogs”
416 1 Agency App. C “A number of frogs died during the study, including one of two control Archey’s frogs which contained 1.4 mg 1080/kg”
447 3 Agency App. C: Fisk “It was hypothesised that this [finding 1080 in water samples after an aerial operation] was due to contamination, as control samples also tested positive”
447 5 Agency App. C: Fisk “One of the positive [water samples for 1080] was collected before aerial dosing began”
447 6 Agency App. C: Fisk “The one criticism is that soils and water used in the degradation studies could have been subject to prior exposure to fluoroacetate”
469 3 Agency App. E “Eighteen [water] samples (3 from the control site..) showed traces of 1080..that were confirmed as contamination of sample containers”
477 1 Agency App. E “[1080 concentration in dust, μg/m², inside treatment area] Day 1 3.81 , Day 5 0.1..outside treatment area (day 1) 0.2 at 200m, 0.06 at 1 km”
477 2 Agency App. E “[1080 concentration mg/kg in leaf litter] 0.023 at day 5 inside treatment area”
477 3 Agency App. E “[1080 concentration in dust, μg/m², inside treatment area] Day 1 0.29 , Day 5 0.01..outside treatment area Day 1 none at 200 m – 1km, Day 5, 0.11 at 200m, 0.05 at 400m, none at 600m, 0.03 at 800m, 0.13 at 1 km”
477 4 Agency App. E “[1080 concentration in dust μg/m², inside treatment area] 2.22 (Day 1), 0.05 (day 5), Outside treatment area Day 1 0.03 at 200m, 0.09 at 1 km, Day 5 0 at 200-600m, 0.09 at 1 km”
477 5 Agency App. E “[1080 concentration mg/kg in leaf litter, outside treatment area] Day 1 0.0057 at 200m, Day 5 0.0058 at 200 m, 0.0062 at 400 m, 0.0053 at 600 m”
510 5 Agency App. F “Dust drift from the application of the baits was observed to contaminate the control site”
517 3 Agency App. F “up to 1.6 mg/kg [1080] in [leaf litter samples after hand-broadcast of cereal baits] on day of treatment and 7 days after, including from control plots. Plots too far apart to be contaminated accidentally. Reason potentially redistribution by animal movement”
905 1 Agency App. T: Submissions “1080 contamination of honey in late 1980s and early 1990s all but destroyed New Zealand’s exports of honey to Japan”
12 2 Applicants’ references “A number of wild birds and some domestic animals were accidentally killed during the tests [of 1080 as a rat poison] despite stringent precautions taken in laying the bait and warning is concluded that..[1080] does not produce..consistent results; 1080 is too dangerous for general use” (Barnett & Spencer, 1949)
17 2 Applicants’ references “A range of NZ soils, many contaminated by..1080..were examined” (Bong et al., 1979)
47 1 Applicants’ references “Ecological risk assessments also..require [studies of] the entry, distribution and biological effect and fate of chemicals to fully characterise and understand the potential adverse implications of contamination” (Eason & O’Halloran, 2002)
50 1 Applicants’ references “there is a need to more clearly understand how 1080 breaks down in water and to model any consequences of 1080 contamination in waterways” (Eason et al., 1994)
65 2 Applicants’ references “The comparatively high concentrations measured in samples from one worker in 2001 and 2002 appear to be the result of contamination” (Fisher et al., 2002)
123 1 Applicants’ references “The significant drop in insect numbers after heavy rain suggests strongly that the control plots had become contaminated” (Meads, 1994)
153 2 Applicants’ references “traces [of 1080] were found in some [water] samples..but these could have arisen from contamination of the outside of some containers” (Parfitt et al., 1994)
223 1 Applicants’ references “A maximum concentration of 25.2 μg 1080 mˉ² was detected in [cereal] bait dust..within the control zone..lower concentrations were found outside treatment areas..there were detectable short-term 1080 residues in water, plant, leaf litter and soil samples after 2 of the 3 baiting operations” (Wright et al., 2002)
13 1 Submitter 9143 “Observation on the day of the poison operation showed that the fine particles and dust were blown across the forest canopy from the helicpter bait bucket” (Meads report)
71 4 Committee Decision “Contamination of animals via consumption of stock water is considered very unlikely due to the low concentrations and rapid degradation of 1080 in waterways”
86 1 Committee Decision “livestock deaths from 1080 poison do occur”
87 1 Committee Decision “Contamination of farmed meat and dairy produce is unlikely to occur as livestock are excluded from treatment areas and feral deer meat for human consumption is [sourced from] 1080-free areas”
153 2 Committee Decision “Any equipment used to handle 1080 must retain and/or dispense the substance..without leakage”