Intrusive Monitoring

Page No. Source Quotes from Decision Documents
361 3 Agency App. C “Adult trout..force-feeding of 1 or 2 bait effects further information available (unpublished NZ Wildlife Service report)”
415 4 Agency App. C “12 adult frogs of each species  [NZ native frogs]..were dehydrated..prior to placement in [1080] treated water, presumably to attain a ‘worst case’ state prior to exposure”
416 1 Agency App. C “A number of frogs died during the study, including one of two control Archey’s frogs which contained 1.4 mg 1080/kg”
424 1 Agency App. C “[Tree] weta dosed [with 1080] by micro-syringe and then killed at various times after dosing”
484 4 Agency App. F “more refined monitoring techniques [are used] for birds at higher risk..[eg] radio-tracking and mark and recapture”
484 5 Agency App. F “in a series of 3 trials to evaluate the utility of screening the bait, all at a sowing rate of 40 kg/ha..177 dead birds were found (143 native)”
487 4 Agency App. F “Radio-transmitters [attached to Kereru]..all nests (13) failed due to predation before commencement of pest control”
488 1 Agency App. F “Re-location of birds, banding..radiotransmitters attached to all kereru, female kaka and some male kaka..male kaka..marked with coloured leg [kereru] died in the control area [observations carried out for 2 weeks]”
489 1 Agency App. F “21 [kaka] radiotagged [for monitoring aerial 1080 operation]”
489 6 Agency App. F “Banding of 15 male tomtits in treatment and control areas”
490 1 Agency App. F “Banded tomtits seen 14 before, 3 after [aerial 1080 carrot drop]” (2000)
490 3 Agency App. F “banded [tomtits] after being accustomed to hand-feeding”
492 2 Agency App. F “monitoring of banded birds which would approach for food”
494 3 Agency App. F “two [fernbirds] banded”
494 4 Agency App. F “Nine [fernbirds] banded before the [cereal 1080] operation..5 birds relocated in the 2 weeks after the operation. The fate of the missing birds was unknown”
496 2 Agency App. F “Seven [NI brown kiwi] radiotagged..two transmitters fell off soon after operation..3 of 4 radiotagged pairs were found nesting during the poisoning period, all 3 nests failed; 2 nests eggs disappeared; one abandoned; one infertile.”
497 1 Agency App. F “35 [NI brown kiwi] was found dead (killed by a predator)”
497 2 Agency App. F “Two radiotagged adult [NI brown kiwi]..survived at least six months after the operation” (as usual, no mention of taking off transmitters)
497 3 Agency App. F “Nine radiotagged [Great spotted kiwi] radiotag fell off..5 survived at least 5 months”
497 4 Agency App. F “Seven radiotagged [Great spotted kiwi]..survived at least 2 months”
498 1 Agency App. F “One pair [of NI kokako monitored during an aerial 1080 operation in 1990] not relocated, may have..died from poisoning”
500 1 Agency App. F “19 radiotagged [blue duck]..all survived at least 4 weeks after the operation”
503 4 Agency App. F “Six radiotagged [moreporks] found dead [after 1080 carrot operation] and tested positive for 1080”
504 1 Agency App. F “Seven radio-tagged [moreporks]”
504 4 Agency App. F “24 radio-tagged [weka, to monitor effects of aerial cereal operation]”
504 6 Agency App. F “Eight radiotagged [weka, to monitor cereal 1080 operation]”
505 1 Agency App. F “Fifteen radio-tagged [weka]..5 birds found dead prior to the [aerial cereal] operation..4..probable stoat [re] located but not caught..1 found dead (predation) and 1 not re-located. Note: Western weka listed as being in serious decline”
506 3 Agency App. F “robins can be readily trained to approach observers and are easily captured”
508 4 Agency App. F “45% [of brown kiwi monitored by DoC] died in first 3 weeks of life”
519 2 Agency App. F “Snail abundance..P. Gilliesi..1.5/100m²..P. Hochstetteri 0.7 to 1.3 per 100m²..Snails take about 3 years before young big enough to detect [numbers counted 2 x in Parapara, 5 x in Gouland Downs, 5 x in Burnett Range]”
519 3 Agency App. F “Snails take about 3 years before young big enough to detect..further monitoring [to assess effects of 1080] needed” (translocation of snails by DoC will have left juveniles, also large risk of trampling damage)
520 1 Agency App. F “Hochsetter’s..frogs were monitored..during an aerial change was detected in the Hochsetter’s..population but [statistically] there was only a very small probability of detecting an impact because the number of frogs [was] too conclusions could be drawn”
520 2 Agency App. F “Archey’s frogs were monitored..during an aerial operation..declines in numbers occurred in both treatment and control areas [during the four months after control]..attributed to seasonal and/or disturbance factors”
521 1 Agency App. F “Groups of bats were captured when returning to their roost and held in captivity for 48 hours (to assess mortality after a 1080 cereal operation]. No [deaths] or signs of poisoning occurred..further fully assess the potential impact of 1080”
537 1 Agency App. F “One non-target kill has been reported in association with the 10% gel, where one weka..was seen paralysed..and died 15 minutes later..proximity to area..indicated 1080 was the likely cause, with baits having slipped off treated leaf surface”
729 1 Agency App. N “in a..trial with toxic baits..5 kiwi with radiotransmitters were monitored after baits were hand-sown into their home ranges”
729 3 Agency App. N “Caged kaka at the Wellington Zoo were given carrot treated with pyranine with no signs of any aversion to the treatment”
729 4 Agency App. N “Kaka were captured in the drop zone and at feeders at the ranger’s house and examined for traces of the marker dye”
729 5 Agency App. N “Twenty kaka were the 11 days after the [non-toxic] bait operation..with 5 recaptures”
746 2 Agency App. N “North Island brown kiwi..43 radiotagged birds..Great spotted kiwi..15 radiotagged birds”
746 4 Agency App. N “Kaka..radiotagged and colour banded”
746 7 Agency App. N “Fernbird..Gouland Downs 1994 5 of 9 banded birds re-sighted [after 1080 cereal operation]”
746 10 Agency App. N “Blue duck..19 radiotagged adults”
747 1 Agency App. N “Kereru..dead birds found after 1080 operations; no attempts to determine mortality of radiotagged birds [situation in 1997]”
747 6 Agency App. N “Robin..dead birds found containing 1080 residues; population mortality 55% in one sample of marked birds”
749 3 Agency App. N “Captive short-tailed bats were presented with..non-toxic cereal..and carrot..bait..for many months..there was no evidence that either type of bait was consumed even in the absence of other food”
749 4 Agency App. N “Wild short-tailed bats (n=76) captured in the trial area were examined for fluorescent traces [after dye was added to non-toxic cereal bait]”
750 2 Agency App. N “The attractiveness and palatability of..non-toxic baits and lures to wild-caught short tailed bats [4 females and 46 males] were assessed in an enclosure in 3 separate trials”
754 3 Agency App. N “The responses of [35] captive skinks to..non-toxic..cereal baits and to..cereal bait containing pindone [an anticoagulant used mainly for rabbit control] have been evaluated..consumption of the wetted baits increased significantly, with no difference between the 2 types of bait..the Agency was not able to locate any information on the palatability of carrot bait to lizards”
45 1 Applicants’ references “Kauri snails were not contaminated. These analyses were based on a small sample and should be treated accordingly” (Eason et al., 1991)
70 1 Applicants’ references “[skinks] ate..[cereal] bait..sublethal effects require further study” (Freeman et al., 1996)
92 1 Applicants’ references “50% of the weta offered the toxic [1080 ‘grain based’] baits died, while the other 50% suffered sublethal poisoning which altered their behavioural patterns” (Hutcheson, 1990)
109 3 Applicants’ references “Monitoring involved catching a sample of 269 bats as they arrived at a roost after foraging, then holding them in captivity for 48 hours..although..several replicate trials are required before a generalised conclusion can be drawn about the fate of short-tailed bats following aerial 1080 operations” (Lloyd & McQueen, 2002)
111 1 Applicants’ references “Wild-sourced eels were acclimatised for 21 days in a wet-laboratory before being exposed to 1080 [32 eels used in Trial 1 and 48 used in Trial 2]” (Lyver et al., 2004)
164 2 Applicants’ references “No radio-tagged kereru and too few radio-tagged kaka bred to show [effects of possum and rat numbers after poisoning]..while no radio-tagged adult male kaka died during the study, 6 females did..radiotagged kereru suffered high mortality..predation was the main cause of mortality” (Powlesland et al., 2003)

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