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Letter to Mike Slater, DOC, Re: Aerial1080 in Arthurs Pass National Park

1 August 219 Mr Mike Slater Deputy Director-General (Operations) Department of Conservation Conservation House P.O. Box 10420 Wellington 6143 Dear Mr Slater Re: Poisoning of Arthurs Pass National Park You have given consent for the business “Vector Control Services” to aerially poison Arthurs Pass National Park, including places that have not been poisoned before, primarily […]

Response to the Department of Conservation’s reply to “Aerial 1080 poisoning in New Zealand: reasons for concern”

Abstract A recent review highlighting several reasons for concern regarding the New Zealand Government’s policy of widespread aerial poisoning with sodium monofluoroacetate (1080), was sent to several Government ministers and staff (in August 2016). A letter in reply, in support of the ongoing use of 1080, was received from the Department of Conservation (DoC). The […]

Aerial 1080 poisoning in New Zealand: Reasons for concern

Abstract Reasons to be concerned about the widespread use of aerially distributed food baits containing 1080 poison (sodium monofluoroacetate) for pest control in New Zealand are evident in scientific publications and government reviews and reports. Many hazardous properties and a lack of scientific knowledge of the effects of 1080 were described in a comprehensive report […]

Endangered Kea harrassed by DOC

To monitor effects of 1080 poisoning, Kea are harrassed during nesting and year round. Many wear backpacks with transmitters. Quotes on Harrassment: “The interests of the bird come first. Birds respond to people in many ways, depending on the species, location and time of year. Disturbance can keep birds from their nests, leaving chicks hungry […]

A Scientific Evaluation of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s view on 1080

Introduction In June 2011 New Zealand’s Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE), Dr Jan Wright, announced that there should be more 1080 poison spread by air across NZ’s wilderness areas. Furthermore that the use of aerial 1080 and other poisons to control pests should be subject to fewer regulations (PCE, 2011). Dr Wright had reviewed […]