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Aerial Monofluoroacetate in New Zealand’s Forests

An appraisal of the scientific evidence Introduction Annually, the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DoC) and the New Zealand Animal Health Board (AHB) drop from the air food laced with enough of an “extremely hazardous” (17) poison (sodium monofluoroacetate, also called compound 1080) into New Zealand’s unique forest ecosystems to kill every person in New […]

Overview of scientific and other implications of the New Zealand government’s aerial distribution of food laced with the poison 1080 for pest control

For more than 15 years, the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DoC), the Animal Health Board (AHB), a society formed by the government to eradicate bovine Tb in NZ cattle and several regional and district councils have been widely distributing from the air large amounts of food laced with an extremely toxic chemical, monofluoroacetate (1080), […]