Page No. Source Quotes from Decision Documents
351 2 Agency App. C “1080 residues are persistent in animal carcasses for prolonged periods in winter conditions”
369 2 Agency App. C “There is limited information available on the degradation of 1080 in animal carcasses..It is clear that 1080 residues remain in the guts of dead animals for prolonged periods (at least 75 days under cool winter conditions..) and only degrade slowly”
369 4 Agency App. C “The reasons for the slow rate of degradation [of 1080 in carcasses] are not clear, but the Agency considers it may be a function of low pH in the gut, absence of bacteria able to degrade 1080, toxicity to gut bacteria, low levels of..invertebrate activity, accompanied by cool temperatures at the time of 1080 bait distribution”
370 1 Agency App. C “Day 75 (after estimated time of death, 1080 concentration of possum stomachs] 4.9 mg/kg
370 2 Agency App. C “day 73 [possum] stomach contents 6 mg/kg”
370 3 Agency App. C “At nearly 6 months..the remaining carcass still had dyed green bait in its stomach but <LOD (LOD not stated)”
370 4 Agency App. C “following a flood [2 months after 1080 drop] 3 carcasses were washed down-river well beyond the boundaries of the operational area [6 km..7 mg/kg; 15 km..6mg/kg; 50 km..<LOD] 1080 measured in the stomach contents..another possum and a stag carcass were found [after 3 months] following another larger flood..40 km..stag 0.5 mg/kg, 50 km..possum 1.7mg/kg”
371 1 Agency App. C “concentrations [of 1080 in rabbit carcasses]..were highly variable..the apparent increase in concentration from that at the time of death..may be due to..dehydration”
372 1 Agency App. C “[1080 concentrations in rabbit carcasses 3 weeks after death..0.02mg/kg (muscle)”
489 4 Agency App. F “Four dead kea found..also 8 dead kea observed feeding on toxic carrot; kea may also have fed on poisoned..carcasses”
525 Agency App. F “Total carcasses found [after aerial cereal operation] 1 pig..53 deer..56 possums..16 blackbirds..1 chaffinch..1 grey warbler..2 tomtits”
534 1 Agency App. F “[in a ground- based 1080 operation] all radio-tagged predators (6 feral cats, 1 stoat, 1 ferret) died of secondary poisoning..all dead animals contained 1080 residues..gut contents indicated consumption of poisoned rodents or..possum carcasses..secondary poisoning of ferrets and cats scavenging poisoned rabbit carcasses has also been observed”
534 4 Agency App. F “9% [of poisoned rabbit] carcasses showed signs of scavenging, with one feral cat found dead”
565 1 Agency App. H “[possums for human consumption] must be supplied live to premises for processing, while other feral caught animals such as deer, chamois etc, can be shot and the carcasses brought in [NZFSA regulations]”
629 1 Agency App. L: Current controls “[Condition of permission issued by DoC for 1080 operations, in current controls] Caution period monitoring: Monitoring physical breakdown of bait and carcasses is required [for 1.5 g/kg 1080 carrots for control of possums and wallabies]” (information should therefore exist on this)
700 2 Agency App. M “The Agency understands that carcasses can reach waterways particularly after significant rain events and agrees there are some aspects which make this a higher risk in relation to drinking water contamination. In particular: a single carcass could [contain] a number of baits [and] the drinking water source may have already been declared free of contamination”
723 11 Agency App. N “While invertebrates feeding on poisoned animal carcasses may be exposed to 1080 residues, the Agency has not assessed exposure from this source. Any effects are likely to be minimal”
727 4 Agency App. N “[1080 residues in possum stomach contents] 30.6 mg/kg at Day 25, 4.9 mg/kg at Day 75”
130 1 Applicants’ references “Level of [monofluoroacetate] decreased with time [in samples taken from stomach contents] so that, after 14 days at room temperature, only 50% of the spiked dose could be identified” (Minnaar et al., 2000)
131 3 Applicants’ references “Nine per cent of [rabbit] carcasses had been partially eaten by predators, suggesting a potential for predators to be killed during rabbit control operations” (Moller et al., 1997)
142 1 Applicants’ references “At least 9 invertebrate orders are prone to 1080 poisoning. Invertebrates have been observed eating baits..their habitats are contaminated by residues leaching from baits, and from animal by-products and carcasses..1080 should not be used where susceptible invertebrate species or rare insectivores are found” (Notman, 1989)
107 1 Submitter 9074 “Dogs have been killed by chewing up the dried carcass of a rat or mouse killed with 1080 several months before”
65 1 Committee Decision “1080 residues in the carcasses of poisoned possums may be very slow break down”
100 1 Committee Decision “signs must remain for at least a minimum period of six months or until the earlier retrieval of the bait, or it is demonstrated that the bait [including bait in carcasses] has ceased to be toxic”
116 1 Committee Decision “warning signs must remain in place for 6 months or until it can be demonstrated that baits and carcasses no longer present a risk to dogs”
196 2 Decision App.B “birds most susceptible [to poisoned possum and rodent carcasses] not affected at population level”

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