Appendix iii

On 13th June 2011 I wrote an OIA request to the PCE on behalf of the NZWBM Society because our prior communications to the Commissioner were not responded to. (see pp 26-34, app ii of this document). The questions and the responses are copied below.

VIZ: PCE Report

OIA request to PCE

PCE request to OIA request

The narrow terms of reference of the PCE report.
VIZ: Section 1:3.

This report does not cover:

The state and effectiveness of the whole national pest management system.
The conduct or outcomes of specific operations, except occasionally as examples.
Detailed analysis of community perceptions and attitudes towards the use of 1080.
The Animal Health Board’s actions in controlling bovine tuberculosis (TB) in any detail.
Concerns held by some Māori regarding the physical, cultural and spiritual impact of using 1080.
The controls and regulations around the registration and use of 1080 in detail.