Is DoC saving kiwi or accelerating their demise?

Techniques used to “save” kiwi are killing them

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  1. Charlie Baycroft
    Charlie Baycroft says:

    One has to be greatly concerned about the philosophy and culture within the Department of Conservation (and other government departments as well). These people are supposed to be servants of the people of New Zealand but it seems they have interpreted their role as owners of the conservation estate and everything in it.
    Some of the activities of DoC are undoubtedly useful and appreciated but there seems to be an underlying belief that things would be best if the public would just stay out the way and leave things to be “managed” as DoC sees fit. Even though DoC speaks about “Destination Management” and providing recreational access it seems to be very much on their terms and their ideas of what people should be doing.
    DoC says that their Mission is to make New Zealand the “Greatest Living Space on Earth”. Superficially, this looks very laudable but what does it really mean? Who defines what is the greatest and for Whom is it great?
    I guess that relates to the use of 1080. Who would define the greatest living space in the world in which deadly poison is regularly dumped onto the land and into the waterways? Who would consider that the greatest place to live is one in which the eggs of endangered birds that are surviving well in one region are relocated to a hatchery so that the resulting vulnerable chicks can be put into another region where they are totally vulnerable to and unprepared to deal with predators.
    Who would believe that the greatest living space is one in which a problem of carnivores killing the birds is proposed to be solved by widespread poisoning directed at killing animals that are predominantly herbivores?
    Who would consider a place where people that disagree with some activities of their public servants are discouraged from expressing their concerns by the police to be the “greatest living space on earth.”?
    Years ago, New Zealanders did believe that they lived in the greatest country (aka, living space?) but in recent years things have deteriorated greatly. Incomes have been eroded, freedoms have been curtailed, the interests of the rich and powerful have taken precedence and now the very land and water itself is being systematically poisoned to death.
    We desperately need to rethink some of the basic realities of our society.


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