Department of Conservation Tackles Rats …

The Department of Conservation claims it needs to aerially broadcast New Zealand forests with the deadly pesticide 1080, to kill plagues of rats. In this video clip you get a glimpse of what happens when 1080 poison is used to control rats …

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Is DoC saving kiwi or accelerating their demise?

Techniques used to “save” kiwi are killing them


1080 Poison Low Risk in Water??? – Similar to Cooking oil??? – EPA

In a letter to the CE of Waikato Regional Council, the CE of the Environmental Protection Authority suggests that 1080 poison does not harm aquatic life, and breaks down into harmless bi-products in water.

However, some of the research referenced – Niwa freshwater ecologist Dr Alistair Suren’s work – highlights a common trend in the poison industry, with regard to the misrepresentation of 1080-poison science by New Zealand authorities, and those that use the poison …

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