New Zealand poisoned with 1080

A Critical Look at Aerial-Dropped, Poison-Laced Food in New Zealand’s Forest Ecosystems

Each year, New Zealand aerially distributes massive quantities of acutely lethal, poison-laced foodstuffs into its wilderness ecosystems. The toxin most commonly used is sodium monofluoroacetate (compound 1080), an acutely toxic, oxygen metabolism-disrupting agent with very high toxicity to most air-breathing organisms. New Zealand ecological conservation officials claim that aerial poison operations are an essential strategy to protect vulnerable indigenous flora
and fauna from exotic mammalian pests, and that the benefits of aerial poison operations outweigh their risks.

This manuscript presents a critical review of the existing scientific literature on the non-target effects of aerial poison operations in New Zealand.

This review reveals that in this complex, multifactorial situation, the relevant science has been selectively interpreted, selectively studied, and moreover, left grossly incomplete in its scope, possibly in favour of non-environmental, short-term economic interests. Using the existing scientific information on non-target effects of aerial poison operations, a basic cost-benefit analysis employing a numerical scoring system was performed.

This cost-benefit analysis, which compared the potential costs and benefits to native species of aerial poison operations versus unchecked possum populations at their peak density, indicated that aerial poison operations have twice as many potential costs to native species as potential benefits, and that aerial poison operations were potentially twice as costly to native species as unmanaged possum populations at their peak density.

The potential for widespread poisoning of New Zealand’s large number of endemic and threatened/endangered omnivorous, insectivorous, and carnivorous bird species by the uncontrolled distribution of poison-laced food throughout an entire ecosystem is a serious issue worthy of international concern and immediate action.


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  1. David McDonald
    David McDonald says:

    It is Obvious that Govt. Corruption is at work here, Councils are being Bribed to allow 1080 poison Drops, West Coast Council has invested Millions of Dollars into a New 1080 Factory, Auck Council is Allowing it to be Dropped into the Hunua Ranges, John English is one of the Major Shareholders in 1080 Production too, It is an Ongoing Money Making Racket, It Must Be Stopped.

    • Angela Lloyd
      Angela Lloyd says:

      How do we get the press to report this? Seems to be very hush hush. Auckland needs to know what is going on and the risks associated with the scheduled drop.

  2. Merv. Smith
    Merv. Smith says:

    in all docs public accessible documents there is nothing that proves 1080 has any Benifit to the native ecology at all, it is all interpretations from not very good science and why do they need 5 P.R. People. They do a lot of good but then undo it by dumping 1080 everywhere and demonising the possum just to justify their bad practice.


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